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Originally Posted by Forced
That bearing is NOT the same one that we use! The bearings we use are made for us...Like I said in the other post about this cannot purchase the bearings and seals that we use. If these work for you and do not cause future failures, then congrats. The blower is your property you can do with it as you wish. What I don't like is when they get rebuilt incorrectly and fail again. This leads to a "My Vortech Broke Again" mentality. This is not good for us.

No offense guys but $500 for a rebuild vs. $10,000 for a new motor (plus another $2000+ for a new blower head) when the blower grenades and sends shrapnel into the motor @ 6000 rpm. This is a no-brainer! Vortech...keep up the great work.

FEATURED ARTICLE IN "MUSTANG ENTHUSIASTS MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2006"! 1986 LX Coupe: PPG Triple Black, 342 R-Block, Non-Intercooled Vortech YSi Blower w/ DS Renegade Setup, TFS Stage 3 TW Heads, TFS R Intake, ??? Rwhp, ??? Rwtq. Old S-Trim 306, 540 Rwhp, 482 Rwtq.

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