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1970Cougar 04-23-2019 11:48 PM

All factory iron power
I recently came across an article from Hemings from around 2006 about a F.A.S.T. racer who built a 406 Cleveland with all factory iron parts (block, heads, intake, exhaust manifolds) and made 517 hp.

He was running 13:1 compression and though it didn’t give any specs on cam one photo showed what seemed to indicate solid or mechanical roller lifters. No information was given on what was done to the heads an intake.

It got me wondering what kind of power a person could make with factory 4v closed chamber heads, factory 4v intake, factory exhaust manifolds, and not more than 11:1 compression (hoping it would run on pump gas).

I wonder if 450 hp or more would be feasible with a 408 stroker and some head and intake manifold mods.

boss 04-26-2019 07:39 PM

the iron 4V head design really likes more ci, (400+ci) adding another 100hp wont be a issue with right parts combo concidering the stock 1969 351C can make 350+hp...
think as far as standard dp 4barrel intakes go you would need to use the Shelby/BlueThunder repo version & better exh to get higher hp#'s

do you by chance have a link to that Hemmings artical?

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