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Originally Posted by spencerlbutler View Post
So SN95 boosters have the same bolt pattern as a regular fox body? How do you guys know all these stuff?? haha
No they don't. The 94-95 SN95 booster is the same as the 1993 cobra booster except the stud pattern into the firewall is different. ONE stud is in a different location, and installing this booster means slotting the firewall for that stud.

Also, the threading on the studs is metric, so make sure if you install one of these you have a set of nuts that will fit the studs. The 1993 cobra booster uses the same SAE threading as the standard fox booster, so the existing nuts work

96-98 V6 boosters have a straight booster arm that connects to the pedal. You don't want this. You need the curved arm found on the 94-95 boosters. The 99-04 V6 booster may be identical to the 94-95 booster but i've never really checked out out well enough to say this with certainty.

I installed a 94-95 booster in my car. If i could go back...stick to the 1993 cobra booster.

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