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UPDATE: Weight:
1. A flat battery pack underneath the floor wouldn't terribly affect ground clearance and it makes a car extremely predictable in turns due to a very low center of gravity. (and heck, coilovers can always give some needed ground clearance as well.)

2. Per tjm73, the tranny can be tossed, but why not basically mount the motor in front of the differential? There's no real need for the DS.

3. fwiw I like the idea of no flywheel, just a clutch, and the tranny only having 3rd and 5th gear. A DC motor runs out of torque around 3krpm, so why not throw in a gear swap by leaving the t45 in there? Also, this will deliver a VSS signal to the speedo... which is about the only thing on the dash that will be working.

4. Anybody know the dimensions of a Focus Electric front end? I wouldn't mind doing away with the mustang's k-member and shock towers, especially if it means I'd get a front suspension designed after 1975. (I have an sn95).

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