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Im on stock valve covers so i dont mind covering them with coils, I want super light weight custom aluminum VC's but that can wait. I want the shortest plug wire possible so mounting them remotely is not an option.

Originally Posted by Mustang5L5 View Post
I'm planning on buying the Stinger CAS to make this all work. It's a 24-2 cam angle sensor that will take the place of the crank and cam sensor and allow me to do full sequential with 8 logic coils on my MS3x setup

They make a wide variety of Remote mounts for the LS coils. I'm really trying to do a inner fender mount as i can then run all my wiring inside the inner fenders and really clean up the engine.

Most creative idea yet i''ve seen is putting them under the cowl grill where the wipers nomally sit. Was a pretty clean install although i didn't see how the spark plug wires made their way through the firewall. Not sure i want to cut my firewall just yet.
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