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Originally Posted by indy2000 View Post
my motorcraft 95 rc, reserve capacity rating

95/2.4 = ~40 amp hours

therefore 0.027amp draw is 40/0.027= 1481 hours at that current draw or 61 days

I think your measured parasitic draw is too low to be a problem, battery or charging system is where i would be looking

if you have a DC clamp meter you could compare alt current production and compare it to your system draw, and see if you are at a deficit

I have a 130amp alt, and it can only put a max of, from memory, 65-70amps at idle when i measured
I measured the voltage drop on starting the car and it didn't drop below 10 and the alt is charging at 14.4 or so... I'm thinking it's some kind of weird intermittent thing.

A wire that's shorting but only occasionally.

Friggin electrical gremlins drive me nuts.

I've pulled the fuses from the car alarm. Going to drive it a couple weeks and keep monitoring and see if that might be the culprit.
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