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Originally Posted by wmburns View Post
FWIIW: On some of your O2 graphs you are data logging the after cat O2 sensor which will tell us nothing. The sensors needed are bank 1 sensor 1 (B1S1) and bank 2 sensor 1 (B2S1). Which are the before cat O2 sensors.

From what I could tell the LTFT are not behaving like would normally be expected for a vacuum leak. With a vacuum leak LTFT's should DECREASE fuel under load. Yours are INCREASING.

In fact to me the LTFT's would be more typical with a clogged fuel injector on bank2.

>>>Format to read

At idle RPM's LTFT bank1 4.7 bank2 2.3

At 3000 rpm LTFT bank1 5.5 bank2 7.8


At 3000 rpm LTFT goes to 7.8 on bank 2 and 5.5 on bank 1. Back at idle they switch right back to 4.7 bank 1 and 2.3 bank 2.

If graphing LTFT's it would help to have RPM's layered with the data.

In general, STFT's change too fast to draw general conclusions from. To correctly analyze STFT's we need to see LTFT and RPM's as well so that it's possible to see the interaction.

Has this motor's base health been tested with a compression test and cylinder leak down test?

Are you positive this motor has been timed correctly? I could see that if one bank is off by a tooth this could reek trouble with the bank to bank balance.
Ok, I definitely need and appreciate your help. To answer your questions: Engine has 67k on it. Ran great with zero problems before the swap and I haven't done compression or leak down cuz I just can't imagine it's screwed given that I show none of those symptoms pre swap. That being said.......I swapped back on the original "non pi" intake last night and bought new coils. Started her up today and guess what, exact same behavior. When I took out pi intake my rtv appeared perfectly fine with no visible indications of a screw up.
Two things I may not have mentioned before. When I did the intake, I cleaned the throttle body. I did however do the idle relearn procedure. But I used AutoZone brand brake cleaner for it. I didn't do a thorough cleaning just a quick few sprays. I also sprayed brake cleaner on the fuel injectors as they were pretty filthy at the base. Those seem to make the miss a little less noticeable but it's definitely still there. I plan to spend the evening putting on the new FRPP PI intake....again..... And will wait til am to run the live data streaming you requested. I'm happy to log it and share as an email if needed as well. The clogged injector theory peaks my curiosity too cuz I know that at one point when removing the fuel rail a few got kinda mashed into goo that was around their base and it absolutely feels like I have a cylinder missing. And when I first started it up it wasn't as bad until after it sat one night. Then it was really noticeable next am. But, when I tore everything down the first time and replaced all the plugs I blew out each injector individually with a blow gun before lubing each o ring and placing in the fuel rail. should I maybe buy an injector and replace each one, one by one and see if that is the issue. Because if I can't figure this out soon I'm just gonna buy a new engine and do the full PI swap like I should have done in the first place.

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