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FWIIW: On some of your O2 graphs you are data logging the after cat O2 sensor which will tell us nothing. The sensors needed are bank 1 sensor 1 (B1S1) and bank 2 sensor 1 (B2S1). Which are the before cat O2 sensors.

From what I could tell the LTFT are not behaving like would normally be expected for a vacuum leak. With a vacuum leak LTFT's should DECREASE fuel under load. Yours are INCREASING.

In fact to me the LTFT's would be more typical with a clogged fuel injector on bank2. If injector problems are suspected I have had great luck with

>>>Format to read
At idle RPM's LTFT bank1 4.7 bank2 2.3

At 3000 rpm LTFT bank1 5.5 bank2 7.8

At 3000 rpm LTFT goes to 7.8 on bank 2 and 5.5 on bank 1. Back at idle they switch right back to 4.7 bank 1 and 2.3 bank 2.

If graphing LTFT's it would help to have RPM's layered with the data.

In general, STFT's change too fast to draw general conclusions from. To correctly analyze STFT's we need to see LTFT and RPM's as well so that it's possible to see the interaction.

Has this motor's base health been tested with a compression test and cylinder leak down test?

Are you positive this motor has been timed correctly? I could see that if one bank is off by a tooth this could reek trouble with the bank to bank balance.
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