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Originally Posted by wmburns View Post
Just wondering. Have you compared the long term fuel trims (LTFT) at idle and under load?

Often when there's a vacuum leak the LTFT's will add fuel at idle when the intake vacuum is high. Under load the amount of fuel being added will decrease as vacuum decreases.

Is there an imbalance between LTFT's on bank 1 vs bank 2?

How about the front O2 sensors? Are they switching at about the same rate?

It also seems to me that it should be expected to give up some part throttle performance with an intake that is much larger than stock. The airflow can get "lazy" and disorganized at low flow levels. The main reason for this upgrade is to improve high end HP.
WEIRD RESULTS ..,Ok so ran LTFT at idle initially it sat at 0% on both banks. Took it for a spin and bank 1 seemed consistently at 1.5% higher than bank 2. Now after running it around block few times and hitting WOT bank 1 is at 4.7 and bank 2 is at 4.3. Short term trim is fluctuating around 0. Here is where it gets weird. Exhaust definitely smells of like sulfer mixed with a slight smell of burnt plastic?? Totally at a loss here...

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