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Originally Posted by JCBeaver View Post
Welp, that was not long.... After creating my last post, I found a pair in Annapolis (45 mins from me) that seemed like a great starting point.. I just nabbed them for $350 and got back home recently. They sure feel awesome when sitting into them! The black one definitely is mint while the ripped up one is still decent. I just need a re-upholstery kit then I might tackle it myself or pay someone to do it.

Only thing that is different between those two is the reclining knob is triangular on one and circular knob on another.

Hope I did good!

Nice pickup.

They are slightly different seats. Left one is a Recaro LX-B, and the right one is a Recaro SE which was sold in the late 90's and early 2000's. The SE was based on the LX seat, but if you look at the top foam area, they are shaped slightly differently. Keep this in mind when your source out covering materials. Other than that the bases should be the same and everything should bolt in fine.

The triangle knob is typically on the newer seats. The Recaro Specialist is the currect gen recaro that was based on the LX, which became the SE and now the specialist.

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