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Originally Posted by boostdcoupe View Post
over the years, ive found this site to be fairly helpful with off the wall jetting when nothing else is available... Nitrous Oxide fuel Jet size and HP Calculator nos n2o

according to it, 900# bottle pressure 55N and 31F with 39 psi fuel should be around 116 to the tires 137 at the crank. looks like a true 150 to the tires would be more like 63N and 36F.

i dont remember what jets they used... do you have a pic of jets? do they look like these?

a set of calipers may be in order.

before you start jacking around with jetting, i would make sure of a few things.
1. make sure the nitrous pressure is 900+
2. make sure you have at least a 155lph fuel pump
3. make sure the fittings throughout the system are not blocking any orifaces.
The jets look like the ones you posted. Are all jets that look like that the same external size and taper?

1. Yes, bottle pressure was above 900 psi according to the bottle gauge.
2. I'm not sure what size fuel pump is in the tanks, but it was upgraded in 2005 by the previous owner. I'm not joking, the receipt I have is hand written from a shop in Florida where the car used to be. For the price it should be at least a 155lph.
3. I will check that next chance I get.

Thanks for your detailed response!

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