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363 how crazy am I Cobra intake

Time to build a motor (95% DD 5% track) Will build over the winter
Dart 363 Don't care about high RPMs just want to max out the intake yield. idel-1,500 to 5,300-5,800rpms
11r heads (190 or 205??)
93 obtain (9.5-1 or 10.5-1??) Run NO2 on kit say 125-250 shot.
1 3/4 shorties and 3in out the back
Nitrous plate between the upper and lower

I know its crazy but this is a 93 cobra and I just want no matter what change for the 93 cobra intake. Now it has been ported by Tmoss all info says that puts it at 270 cfms. It has a 1250 port the BUT heads are 1262.
Should I open it on up? (I emailed Tmoss he said I could send it back and open #1 and #5 up and port match)
But from what I've read I will still be at 270 cfms due to the upper (am I wrong?) If so ((I)) could just port mach it and call it a day.

Have 65mm Tb all my reading says that puts me at 664 cfms
Will be a custom cam built for the build

I have been reading for 3 days and everything I have read still doesn't really tell me how much I am giving up due to this just wondering how much HP I am giving up. I have read the flow is about the same as the Edelbrock II with mine being ported.

Or maybe I have The head Flow @.500 300cfms so that 30cfm difference so 30 x 1.78= 53.4 +or- I have seen many 500+ builds so 450hp should me promising on a T5 to the wheels.

From what I have read the 363ci will help pull air in and the right cam will help a ton. From how I see it having a bigger head should make less flow pressure and let more air into the head I would think lack of air being able to get into the head would make it easier pull air in. 1 3/4 with 3in will help keep pressure down also.

I would be very happy with 400-450hp Maybe 125-250 shot 500+hp

I want this motor to be capable of 1000+hp just tamed by the intake and cam. That why I'm thinking 205 heads.

My original build most other info on first post.

New build

Any advice say I'm crazy give me your 2 cents. Maybe I can make a dollar.

Update 5/15/19 will have motor at the end of the month

Thought I would post my engine build (Fordstroker built)

I'm hoping for 500HP NA but I built this motor for 1,200hp+.

Dart SHP 363 Internal Balanced, Trickflow 11R 205 heads 66cc (Fel Pro MLS 1134 Head Gaskets). 10.1 compression
RPM 4340 crank, Scat 4340 H Beam Rods, 2618 Forged Wiseco Pistons, Wiseco's GFX ring. Motor is good for 9k rpms if I used solid lifters (I'm not).
Custom cam for NA (Idle to 6,500rpms)
8 way adjustable SA Gear billet timing chain with a torrigton bearing
Morel HYD roller link bar lifters. (5323)
7/16 pushrods 4130 Chromemoly
Jesel shaft rockers (They only make one for the 11r heads) (KPS-470191)
Moroso Oil Pan with billet end seals (oil drainback added supercharger or turbo just if I ever want to go that direction)
Melling Standard Volume Oil Pump (10687)(I didn't want a high volume pump)
Moroso Oil Pump Pick up (24516)
ARP Billet Oil Pumpshaft
New timing cover
Edelbrock Water Pump (8840) (He is going to cut the tip down to 3/8 to help fit me electric fan)
All ARP bolts (All of them I know its a little extreme) LMR make a kit for the timing and water pump
All Fel Pro gaskets

I have made 500hp on a 280hp motor for years so this time I went the opposite direction. After some research I seen the shaft rockers were way better especially for a daily driver I want this motor to be good for 200k-300k miles before rebuild.

93 cobra Dart 363 11r205 heads T-56 Magnum 2.66 cobra intake 3in shorties 3in out the back
Latest build
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