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  1. Glenn Beck free preview
  2. Regime Change by Plane Crash
  3. It pays to do crime in NYC, as long as you're an illegal
  4. $568B No-Bid Contract Awarded to KBR...
  5. PC on Islamic extremism puts us at risk
  6. Census lady just left. HAHA
  7. For your viewing pleasure
  8. Kiss your 401k goodbye, your job too.
  9. Five Morgan Hill students sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts
  10. Died vs. Killed
  11. Well, I [I][/I]was having a good day
  12. Who else thinks this '40 year old white guy' supposedly tied to the bomb is bull####?
  13. Hello Big Brother
  14. North Korea torpedoed the oil rig
  15. They want to see our papers!!!!
  16. I figured out why Michigan is in such a dissaray
  17. Will not see this on CNN
  18. Mission Accomplished
  19. Illegal Border Crossing
  20. Free Medicine won't fix Marlboros and McDonald's
  21. Arizona Deputy Shot By Alleged Illegal.
  22. Miss him? Bush's reputation might be ready for a rebound
  23. Glenn Beck vs. Joel Rogers, King of the Progressives
  24. Yay! for immigration reform (you GOTTA see this)
  25. HR 2499
  26. Retribution for San Francisco's criticism of the AZ immigration bill
  27. I love the hypocricy of the left when it comes to energy
  28. Obama's donations, why is it ok?
  29. Now they're going after happy meal toys
  30. Virginia to teach gun safety in Elementary Schools.
  31. ...and its going to FL's ballot
  32. Obama Jokes
  33. Mail your medical bills to Obama?
  34. Tell me again what this healthcare bill did again?
  35. Obama slams 'misguided' Ariz. immigration bill
  36. Great Prophet 5 Naval Maneuver
  37. Oh My Goodness... WE NEVER EVEN SAW THIS COMING!
  38. Gov't sticking their hands furhter up the banks @ss??
  39. Why Don't They Lie About JPFO?
  40. Whoo hoooo! GM has paid back all the Govt. money!
  41. Question about SEC litigation
  42. What's the point of ACORN?
  43. F the UN
  44. What's the point of the Tea Party?
  45. DC Dems willing to give up Congressional voice in order to maintain local gun control
  46. Truth.
  47. Healthcare: free for everyone! Speech, now available for a new, high price...
  48. The Tea Party is pissing this guy off...
  49. GOP worker attacked and beaten by liberal protesters, news media doesn't care...
  50. So 47% of Americans pay no taxes, and some smaller percentage make money from taxes..
  51. Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers
  52. Florida Peeps, Need a Congressional Candidate?
  53. For anyone who cares... Healthcare bill related
  54. Jihad in America... rural Muslim compounds.
  55. No... NOOO... NOOOOOOOO
  56. Roland Martin Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?
  57. New Housing License
  58. Breastfeeding rooms hidden in health care law
  59. Mr Means should love this one..
  60. VAT, Here we come!!!
  61. Black conservatives taking heat
  62. Hands off my internet Big Brother
  63. iPad vs oPad
  64. Rescue Divers Believe the SK Cheonan Was Hit from Below
  65. Interesting news article about the Dems unwillingness to compromise on Obamacare
  66. How much do you think the White House would go for?
  67. George Lucas the philosopher
  68. Congressman Hare: "I dont care about the Constitution"
  69. Yea for Toyota and San Antonio...
  70. Cliff notes of how healthcare was passed
  71. What's a Trillion dollar Bill?
  72. Obama finally does something right, opens up drilling in the Gulf
  73. To all the Obama voters/supporters...
  74. NJ Governor taking on teachers union
  75. New Hampshire state democrat is racist
  76. Heathcare bill, read it and weep!
  77. More angry teabaggers...
  78. Castro's diggin' it...
  79. Right Wingnuts have finally gone Bin Laden...
  80. So the Dems are upset...
  81. Obama's gun grab is starting
  82. Quiz: What are you ? Liberal, Conservative .....
  83. Magna Carta time
  84. I thought now that it passed.....
  85. obama fundraises over threats
  86. If you couldnt afford your home in the first place .....
  87. Here come the Death Panels
  88. Cali to free 55,000 convicted criminals?
  89. World mourns.....
  90. The only thing I like about the new health care bill so far...
  91. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal?
  92. Florida signs lawsuit against a national health care reform plan.
  93. Would you like to see Coulter in Jail
  94. ACORN folded...
  95. "So this is how liberty dies: With thunderous applause."
  96. For those that don't venture into POLITICS section...
  98. Another Newt Gingrich controversy?
  99. Like all tyrants...
  100. Dems health care organizational chart.
  101. Bart Gordon Defects once again
  102. Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'
  103. good riddance Isreal...
  104. Got my 2010 Census questionnaire today
  105. Definitly NOT a muslim.
  106. "New" health care bill
  107. Has your state passed or looking at legislation to protect you from the healthcare?
  108. Let We the People Vote
  109. Congress to pass healthcare without even voting for it
  110. Nobody cares!
  111. We all knew it was coming...
  112. Most liberal court upholds "Under God" and "In God We Trust"
  113. Hilarious Obama video[must see]
  114. Pelosi must have amnesia or something
  115. 2010 Census
  116. Report: American Traitor Nabbed in Karachi
  117. Anti-Gay Senator Charged With DUI After Leaving Gay Bar
  118. Collapse of an economy
  119. Vocabulary
  120. Caption time....
  121. Rangel stepping down from Ways&Means chair
  122. Texas Governors Race
  123. Dubai requests warrant for Israeli PM
  124. This is where you say we are spending too much?
  125. Gun Control before SCOTUS again!
  126. BHO Renews Patriot Act...Moonbats Silent
  127. BHO Got Rear Ended
  128. Anthrax Doc Was a Moonbat
  129. Lock Your Safes
  130. S.H.A.M.E.
  131. Bye bye Euro?
  132. This Sheriff needs to be cloned.
  133. I guess New York is ####ed.
  134. "60 Minutes" Shows Pentagon Employee Selling Secrets to Chinese Spy‏
  135. Beware of net detective. Lash was scammed!
  136. Greece on virge of insolvency
  137. Obama & Dems in 05: 51 Vote Nuclear Option, Is an Arrogant, Power Grab.....
  138. Government Censorship.
  139. Your Tax Dollars at Texting...
  140. Maybe leopards can change thier spots
  141. Better than sucession.. expulsion
  142. Current healthcare bill
  143. can someone tell me the signifigance of Shamash in the Jewish religion?
  144. Why California is Bankrupt
  145. Is there a better bad guy speech
  146. Obama kick backs just keep on getting better
  147. Arc welding
  148. Chicago
  149. I don't like Obama any more than you but why keep pointing out his middle name?
  150. Texas?
  151. School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home
  152. Common Ground - Education vs. Welfare
  153. Break it off....
  154. Duke Lacrosse Slut back in the news
  155. Obama says stimulus bill saved troubled economy
  156. Obama Doll
  157. "Senator's exit sends ominous warning"
  158. IPCC finally admits global warming is a hoax
  159. Is Obama the best thing ever to happen to Moderates?
  160. Euro troubles...
  161. NH State Representative Nancy Elliott, Talks about same sex marriage
  162. The end of an era...
  163. The south gets hit by global warming
  164. Christians, a couple simple questions for you....
  165. Obama responsible for success for Iraq?
  166. Billions in stimulus money goes to foriegn countries
  167. Can't help but be reminded of Atlas Shrugged when I read this stuff
  168. Interesting.... Climate change..
  169. So these are the people Obama is meeting with on jobs...
  170. Sucession, it's whats for dinner
  171. Regret Your Vote for BHO? Agree With This!
  172. Obama critics aiding Al Qaeda
  173. I can admitt when I am wrong.
  174. Miss me yet?
  175. so what will Iran's "shocking news be"?
  176. Murtha: Dead at 77.
  177. Gubmint!
  178. Bush has company....
  179. "Al? Barry. I think the rubes are onto us..."
  180. Good article by George Will
  181. Video: Hayek vs. Keynes
  182. Tea party live
  183. Debra Median for Texas Governor
  184. Obama money on my son's notebook
  185. Yes Nancy, where are the jobs?????
  186. Does THIS suprize anyone....
  187. US Debt is 100 percent of GDP
  188. The thought just hit me...
  189. The Scales Fall From A(nother) Moonbat's Eyes!
  190. Does this surprise anyone?
  191. April 15th's Just Around the Corner!
  192. Soon As He Quits Blaming His 'Inheritance'...
  193. Go Florida!
  194. More Union Lawyers in Gov.
  195. What a ####ing hypocrite...
  196. Only those over $250K my ass....
  197. Canadian premier coming to US for surgery
  198. Letter to President Obama
  199. The Obama budget released today
  200. Some genius...
  201. Hey, we might get nukes.
  202. Obama opposes funding 9/11 Healthcare
  203. Hey, Obama.....
  204. What is your favorite thing about our President?
  205. Government to explore legality of BCS
  206. Chris Matthews
  207. Obama speech, remember, it's not about him
  208. OH it's STARTING!!! Anyone excited?
  209. More porkulus?
  210. Windfall profit tax for Avatar
  211. Andre Bauer
  212. Will the U.S. default sooner than you think.
  213. Obama, smartest president, greatest orater ever
  214. Poll: Who is Ellie Light?
  215. Obama has been the worst thing for the USA
  216. You're slacking...Biden called for appeal of dismissal of charges against blackwater
  217. Ron Paul's State of the Republic Address
  218. What would they say now...
  219. Will you vote to reelect Obama?
  220. OBAMA'S FIRST YEAR... by all the top cartoonists!
  221. An op-ed piece from the Telegraph in the UK.
  222. Obama has been the worst thing for our nation
  223. WAIT! WHAT???
  224. Census Commercials...
  225. Obama takes positive steps to regulate markets.
  226. Supreme Court OKs unlimited corporate spending on elections
  227. Brown posed naked in Cosmo a couple of years back,
  228. Ha! Ha!
  229. Detroit, first to go down
  230. ROFL!
  231. Thank God only 59 votes
  232. Thank You Massachusetts
  233. Beware the Debt Star!
  234. Both Haiti and the US on a road to CIVIL WAR
  235. Big bird busts on Michelle Obama
  236. France is taking on the Muslims
  237. Earthquake in Haitii caused by global warming
  238. M Means draws a cartoon
  239. Imagine that....
  240. We should all forward this, to our Senetors and of course the Less than Honorable Ms.
  241. Google threatens to leave China after massive cyberattacks
  242. Federal Reserve Record Profit
  243. Scott Brown...
  244. So is it getting warmer or is it getting colder?
  245. Palin to try her hand at commentating
  246. Obama's Plane
  247. The Lott standard...
  248. Who voted for President Obama?
  249. Reading between the lines - Unemployment at 10.4%
  250. EPA using race based initiatives
  251. America Rising
  252. Bush adds jobs, Dems complain.... Obama loses jobs... Crickets...
  253. EPA to toughen Emissions Standards
  254. Add this with rising gas and what do you get?
  255. More stuff they do NOT want you to know...
  256. Federal Judge orders trial date for Obama's presidential eligibility
  257. BHO has more problems...
  258. Who is this guy!?!?!?!
  259. We the people
  260. Happy New Year!..Unhappy New Decade?
  261. Maybe there is hope
  262. Oh...the Irony...
  263. Obama orders 1 milliom troops to prepare for civil war!
  264. Recession for your TV
  265. U.S. placed under international police-state
  266. The REAL Sub-prime fat-cats - still getting fat
  267. For the AGW believers...
  268. Mexican government and their defeatist public image
  269. Grayson Wants Critic Jailed for Claiming to be His Constituent
  270. How Much Do You Pay For Auto Insurance
  271. I can't wait for free government run healthcare!
  272. Switcharo!
  273. Do you have health insurance?
  274. Un ####ing believable.. it passed.
  275. 3Q GDP discreetly revised downwards.
  276. Joe Lieberman- STFU
  277. WOW!!!! Obama gives away a trillion dollars today.
  278. Communist Onion
  279. Stimulus or vote buying?
  280. Iran invades Iraq
  281. Col. Allen West
  282. Boy kicked out of school for long hair
  283. White House Threatening Sen. Ben Nelson with Military Base Closures in Nebraska
  284. Boy kicked out of school for drawing a crucifix
  285. Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as his North Pole sums don't add up
  286. "Don't call me Ma'am"
  287. Obama gives himself a solid B+...What would you grade him?
  288. What is this?
  289. the socialist wins again
  290. Another reason to dislike the "Health Care Reform Bill"
  291. Paul Volcker scolds bankers
  292. New Appropriations Bill $1.3T????
  293. British Smack Down on Loathsome Bankers.
  294. Greece on virge of bankruptcy!
  295. Why it's more important then ever to ask what your kids did at school
  296. Senate Drops Federal Health Insurance Plan
  297. Obama bows to royalty again
  298. damn it. please make it stop!!!!
  299. Well is is official
  300. Carbon Dioxide now = toxic waste
  301. The Swiss have the right idea.
  302. The man behind healthcare...
  303. Get your expensive oil right here thanks to US monetary policy
  304. Do a Lot of Driving for Work ? ... Obama just raised your taxes
  305. North Korea revalues currency, destroying personal savings
  306. You just can't make this stuff up!
  307. Obama's Aunt Thanks BUSH!!!!!!
  308. Obama Cabinet 7% have worked in private sector
  309. Are we going to start war with Pakistan?
  310. anyone noticed the cadets during the presidents speech last night
  311. Chris Matthews refers to West Point as the enemy camp
  312. Bout done with religion.
  313. Funny? Sad?
  314. 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
  315. 7 stories BHO doesn't want you to know
  316. The Swiss have balls
  317. Human CO2 exhaled, put damper on Greenhouse gas theory
  318. islam and acid?
  319. So what are we gonna do if he's not legal?
  320. I have a question
  321. China building New York subway system
  322. Obama bows to Chinese Premier
  323. Obama Scorecard:
  324. Remember the Hannity thread?
  325. Congress, the piper's calling...
  326. Quote from Dr. Adrian Rogers
  327. Even the Brits are waiting....
  328. German paper: Obama foreign policy- failure
  329. Obama bungle produces 'worst US-Japan summit in history'
  330. Hackers steal electronic data from top climate research center
  331. Al Gore got OWNED!!!!
  332. AG Holder...
  333. Oparh has some "big" news today
  334. Ron Paul 1, Fed 0
  335. Did Jesse Jackson Insult his own race?
  336. It takes a congressman to see what will fix our troubles
  337. Flying monkeys....
  338. Would You Vote for Sarah Palin for President?
  339. So I wrote both of my Senators....
  340. Electoral college
  341. First Lady's staff - total = $1,591,200 in annual salaries
  342. BHO and the Chicago machine
  343. Obama uses Taxpayer money to fund Brazilian Company
  344. Obama blocking Beirut Bombing terror compensation
  345. Obama bowing to his superior...again...
  346. President Obama lied about posting all nonemergency legislation on WhiteHouse.gov
  347. Nancy Pelosi lied again
  348. Nancy Pelosi lied on CNN
  349. John Edwards cheated on dying wife while on campaign
  350. Al Gore's book full of lies so was his movie
  351. Thank You Comrade Obama and Members of Congress For Saving Me From Myself
  352. Palin's book full of lies and contradictions
  353. Coming soon to *OUR* socialist nation
  354. Sean Hannity attempts to pass video of Tea Party crowd as health care protest
  355. Kurt warnes warns against no backlash..
  356. ACORN sues the Government
  357. Alleged Fort Hood Shooter Tied to Mosque of 9/11 Hijackers
  358. 'War on Teoor" how many more years? 15? 30?
  359. Chicago Mayor Daley had Ft. Hood incident figured out.
  360. Anita Dunn Outta there!
  361. 2011 Obama Coup fails: video game
  362. North and South Korean navies exchange fire
  363. Looks like I pissed off my step-sister again.
  364. he used that COP KILLER gun..
  365. Who has written their Senators about the Health care vote
  366. Napalitano warns against backlash..
  367. Health Care Bill PASSED!!!!!!
  368. Bad news for Global Warming Alarmists....
  369. Barney Fwrank present at MJ bust of lover
  370. obama Quote I Found Amusing...
  371. Unemployment reaches double digits
  372. This is the money you could...
  373. Gold
  374. Canadian Long gun registry,
  375. Fed black mailing all US banks to control
  376. Obama to busy for 20th Anniversary of Fall of Berlin Wall
  377. Why didn't Thomas Jefferson and John Adams put an end to this in 1785
  378. The world can kiss our ass
  379. I know why I have not found Osama
  380. Money as Debt: Where does Money come from?
  381. Why hasn't Obama found Osama?
  382. Conservative Sweep!
  383. House Ethics Committee is racist
  384. Who wants a payraise to match inflation?
  385. Congressmen avoid constituents stay in office
  386. Why didn't Bush get Bin Laden???
  387. What is it going to take to get RID of this healthcare bill once it is passed?
  388. The Worst Bill Ever
  389. Why is Obama interested in who is Gov of New Jersey???
  390. A seemingly rational persons take on gubinment health care
  391. House health bill clocks in at 1,990 pages
  392. Spread the Wealth - Spread the Herpies
  393. "We tax everything that moves and doesn't move"
  394. hope & change.........
  395. Sorry Exo
  396. I'll Give Obama A "Kudos"
  397. WHY is it, that the majority of poeple on the Ethics Committe Investigation List
  398. If UAW strikes in the future .............
  399. US admin suck ups!
  400. Oh nancy....
  401. Bob Hope smartest man ever
  402. Obama to sign bill to PAY Taliban....
  404. Multiple parties....why not!!!
  405. Up Tick in Violence in Afghanistan
  406. Speaking to a guy in our Galveston office and Ike vs. Katrina came up
  407. Good article on media bias
  408. Reagan 1961 on health care.....
  409. Press going against Obamacare?
  410. Massachusetts Health Insurance System
  411. Obama supporters, let's have some examples please
  412. more Rush Limbaugh LIES
  413. Obama offers millions in Muslim technology fund
  414. Obama declares swine flu a national emergency
  415. Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ
  416. DHG-Bullit-GT issues tickets for 'not speaking english'...WTF?
  417. DoJ says Non Partisan Election Unconstitutional and Racist
  418. Pay Czar??
  419. Now that the corral has made all racism a thing of the past, what next?
  420. Windfalls Show That Bonus Tax Makes Sense: From WSJ
  421. Obama Administration attacking FoxNews?
  422. I think you will like this. ObaMao
  423. Confederate/Rebel Flag
  424. If this is real, it has to be stopped.
  425. Whitehouse dropped insurance gag order
  426. Anyone want to look up some stuff?
  427. Just read it
  428. Obama's foreign policy is amateurishness
  429. Muslim Congressman Ellison's trip to Mecca...
  430. Thank you to the Federal Government protecting me from EVIL credit card companies!
  431. Turn off your TV next week...BO-propoganda week on all networks
  432. Obama loosens missile technology controls to China
  433. who has the vid of the #### Anita Dunn
  434. A 1948 Cartoon
  435. Obama seeks to give payments of $250 to seniors - but wait, there's more!
  436. S.1692 Patriot Act Extension
  437. Obamacare will force Doctors to take illegals as patients!
  438. Rush Limbaugh's Bid for Rams
  439. Health care reform???
  440. more retarded thread on evolution vs ID vs spagetti monster.
  441. California bill signed into law today
  442. The more you know!
  443. South Africa: Plot to bomb US buildings, disrupt World Cup
  444. New Tides/Apollo group formed by Soros
  445. Nuclear weapons should get a peace prize
  446. Coiming soon to the U.S?
  447. Australian political cartoons you'll never see printed by the US media
  448. Interesting Statistic
  449. The Declaration of Independence as Written by Barack Obama
  450. Obama gets Nobel Peace prize
  451. Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize?
  452. Obama voters want their "Obama money" (Detroit )
  453. Obama: Taleban can be involved in Afg.
  454. Congress refuses to post HC bill online.
  455. Bush Haters...
  456. Wasted money
  457. This is a catchy little number
  458. My Recommendations for defeating the Taliban
  459. Blueprint for Redistribution of Wealth
  460. US 13th in UN's best countries to live
  461. Honk
  462. Painting a Picture: the Destruction of Socialism
  463. Every Corraler needs one
  464. SNL/obama Accomplishments.
  465. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past
  466. Here's your chance... Obama's performance... A one-question poll
  467. Jackson visits funeral of black-on-black crime vicitim
  468. Just how did Obama pay that Harvard tuition??
  469. Another step strengthening a Police State in our country....
  470. Polanski
  471. Senate Finance Committee HC Bill and Links
  472. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!
  473. Throwing the Libs a bone....
  474. Chicago 2016 Olympics and Valerie Jarrett
  475. Those Crazy obama "czar's"
  476. Here comes Obamacare, like it or not?
  477. Home loans to blacks/hispanics down
  478. Empire State Building to blaze Chinese colors in honor of 60th anniversary of regime
  479. Hollywood backs Roman Polanski ???
  480. John Stossel on Obamacare
  481. Middleville woman threatened with fines for watching neighbors' kids
  482. Funny thought...
  483. Get fined for not having health care
  484. News blurb...nObama wants to..
  485. Republican in College
  486. Patriot Act Reform
  487. Sad when French president has to tell US president to grow a spine
  488. From Russia, with scorn.
  489. 2012 Republican Runners for President....
  490. G20 videos you will not see on the evening news
  491. Gun registry..whats the worst that could happen......
  492. House Dems want to tax insurance premiums
  494. Elementary school kids' indoctrination into Obamanation
  495. Obama care cost too much
  496. NJ school kids learn song about dear leader
  497. IRS says goodbye to acorn
  498. Encouraging words from blue dog Senator
  499. Dems block GOP call for health bill transparency
  500. Activist Investors taking over companies to promote their agenda