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  1. steath nitrous install
  2. Adapting 5115 to carb
  3. ** HOT NITROUS NEWS!!! ***
  4. need some help. doing research for a good friend.
  5. Need Nitrous Help?
  6. Anyone ever use the spray and an SVO Extender?
  7. Plate or nozzle
  8. What needs to be done when you take the valve off your bottle?
  9. Zex kit a good choice??????
  10. Which Kit?
  11. interchaneable jets (NX)
  12. Can a WOT switch & FPS switch be run together
  13. 200 plate shot on a stock 5.0?
  14. Thoughts on blown headgasket
  15. Dry system on Turbo engine
  16. urgent... What timing with 150shot?
  17. Got some quick and should be easy questions
  18. 175hp jetting on nx plate?
  19. what size jets for nw plate kit
  20. Bad news from the dyno shop
  21. pics of 86-93 cobra engine with nitrous plate installed
  22. Can plugs have a huge effect on HP?
  23. Clear Purge
  24. nitrous safety devices
  25. Plugs
  26. Bottle Mounting ???'s
  27. can i make my efi nitrous kit work on a carb?
  28. NX wet kit
  29. compucar jets vs ?
  30. nitrous question
  31. Need some expert advise...ate up a sparkplug
  32. bottle valve ?'s
  33. Purge Kit?
  34. just got a mastermind where to mount it??
  35. How should I set my fuel system up?
  36. WOT switch
  37. intank pickup
  38. Looks like I am getting a nitrous kit for christmas got some questions
  39. zex or no?
  40. AN to Braided Line Tool
  41. Anyone on here running a carb blow-thru setup?
  42. 5.0 nitrous gurus ?
  43. Anyone used or heard anything about this kit?
  44. NOS kit fitment/shot question
  45. Nitrous engine?
  46. whats better??
  47. NX 4.6 Plate Kit: Clearance question
  48. Nitrous setup complete (pics)
  49. leaned out rear two cylinders
  50. Dyno tune/ Cold fusion Nitrous kits...
  51. Help on NX Remote Opener...
  52. dynotune nitrous dry kit
  53. Is this a good Nitrous setup for my 992v?
  54. are 4.10 gears too much for nitrous?
  55. what nitrous kit should I get for my 91 stang???
  56. NX giving away there Silvia car
  57. Nitrous "shut off valve" question/idea
  58. Thinking I need a new kit?
  59. Fuel System for carb & N20
  60. nitrous guage placement
  61. Help me choose a dry kit
  62. Fuel System
  63. dry kit?????dyno tune
  64. NX kit jet help.
  65. Wet nitrous users....
  66. EFI Nitrous - Wet or Dry
  67. Twin bottle setups get in here!!!
  68. To spray or not, will I lose power N/A with a 100 shot?
  69. NOSzle kit owners
  70. 96 cobra with 150 shot need plug advice
  71. nitrous with a stick
  72. Safe Nitrous setup for dual plane intake/carb combo?
  73. Total timing on a 150 shot
  74. Pistons OK for nitrous?
  75. OK guys...
  76. Any ideas about wilson nitrous kits
  77. Focus fuel pump vs. Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump?
  78. dry kit on STOCK 5.0
  79. 5115 Kit no N20 jet how big a shot?
  80. A little more info on the pro-flow dry kit
  81. Nitrous Head Gaskets & Studs?
  82. has any one used the new zex kit
  83. bottle certification....
  84. got my new kit
  85. Nitrous combo ?
  86. Thinking about buiding a budget nitrous drag car.
  87. NX Single Nozzle Users In here!
  88. how much nitrous can i spray
  89. nitrous refill station
  90. Do I have enough fuel pump for 175 HP
  91. what et should i run???
  92. Check out my dyno numbers
  93. n2o is in and dynoed, #'s are low! help?
  94. Hooking up my window switch, which wire does it hook into?
  95. Nitrous Help
  96. WOT Switch Mounting Location
  97. wot switch problems
  98. nx 16183 fuel adapter - cheapest price?
  100. 03 GT with a 26" Dragradial can I spray the 4:10s?
  101. NOS dry kit jet sizes?
  102. let's see some dyno sheets of some nitrous pulls
  103. where are you guys plumming in your fuel lines, for EFI plates.???
  104. What Carb kit?????
  105. Burned 2 electrodes off of 347: Help
  106. can i get away with a 40 gap with a 150 nx shot?
  107. which nozzle is best for NO puddling????
  108. Nos on cast crank?
  109. need some N2O help...
  110. NMRA Real Street, Any Nitrous Cars?
  111. bottle warmer install question????
  112. red neck Bottle Heater
  113. who is having problems with nx solenoids?? and realy problems???
  114. Zex SUCKS!!!
  115. NOS jet Ques
  116. bottle heat up time
  117. Putting car away for winter, leave n2o bottle inside?
  118. NOS question
  119. need to see your microswich setups with a fox body TB
  120. what times to expect on nitrous
  121. Nitrous Fellas
  122. plate kits ?
  123. N2O problems *wet kit*
  124. heads cam intake nitrous help
  125. went to the dyno here are my results
  126. wiring the purge kit? help!
  127. Dry kit and methanol
  128. Nitrous install PIX?
  129. anyway to mount bottle brackets without dropping the gas tank?
  130. Going to the Dyno, any guess's?
  131. dyno'd with spray and not happy...
  132. What RPM to turn NOS on?
  133. Nitrous for built mod motor?
  135. masternimd ?'s
  136. BEST nitrous controller on the market???
  137. F/S NX Jets up to 100 shot
  138. Dry kit help
  139. Purge Line Mounting?
  140. starting a nitrous website...
  141. retarding timing from a box?
  142. what to gap ar94 plugs w/125 wet kit?
  143. where to buy nx fuelrail adapter for 04 gt?
  144. 04 gt schrader valve? where is it located?
  145. Where to get the .040 Shim for the regulator?
  146. What Nitrous system would be best for me...
  147. feed lines and how big of shots
  148. ?'s about a nitrous works kit
  149. Lets see pics of Fox coupes and Convetibles with Bottle in trunk
  150. 05 zex
  151. 11.1:1 compression.......
  152. will it handle NITROUS
  153. to spray or not to spray?
  154. speed density
  155. Nitrous Install - Pics 56k forget about it..
  156. Pricing my NX kit to sell
  157. my 90 shot vids
  158. Nitrous test strips??
  159. Videos of my 9 second GT
  160. NOS in/need to check it out
  161. Bottle heater problems
  162. Anyone running a Nitrous Works adjustable kit??
  163. removing Nitrous
  164. Warning to those who use bottle heaters....
  165. My results with Zex dry kit... 461/550 at the tires
  166. NX kit question
  167. who uses
  168. rev limiter and Nox
  169. recommend some plugs please
  170. 5115 dry kit tune/2stage?????
  171. TPS switch or Microswitch????
  172. will a 5.0 Zex Kit work on a cavalier?
  173. Venom Nitrous Kit - Nozzle Question
  175. Looking at getting my first Pony....
  176. AAHH! trying to get going with nitrous!
  177. nitrous newb... gotta bunch of questions
  178. 2nd Gear Automatic Nitrous activation???
  180. Best place to buy NOS jets?
  181. does this gain sound correct??
  182. Where do you put your bottle?
  183. Can you find the N20 kit?! (pics)
  184. Car shuts off???
  185. timing on spray
  186. anyone running a edelbrock Nitrous kit
  187. Kit is rated at 50psi FP what should i do?
  188. What do you think this car would run with 150 shot?
  189. 306/ Dry 125shot, need FPR, boost pump, more injector#?
  190. Nitrous surging HELP
  192. does anyone run a NOS dual stage dry kit?
  193. Wet VS. Dry kits.......
  194. Please help with nitrous problem!
  195. BMN controller
  196. Would like to see a video of the Big Show Purge.
  197. Blew Engine on Nitrous...WHY?
  198. can i have a 150 shot with only a 255 low pressure pump?
  199. NOS Jet Sizes
  200. fuel
  201. what fuel jet for zex dry kit with 30lb. injectors 125shot?
  202. NX nozzle to plate conversion????????'s
  203. does this sound like a nitrous motor?
  204. Few questions for those who have experince with zex
  205. Timing and Plugs!!!
  206. help me pick a good nitrous cam!!!!!!!!
  207. How much MPH after the 1/8th?
  208. New times!!
  209. Window switch install...quick question
  210. How can i rum n FP gauge and wet kit off the shrader valve
  211. Question about nitrous plugs..
  213. i got a question i need help
  214. Window Switch + Dry kit + stock AOD-E stall = What RPM setting?
  215. How much Nitrous will I use ???
  216. can i run NOS with a dual plane intake???
  217. Head gasket issues with carb.
  218. Is It Safe?(100 wet shot)
  219. Nitrous guys....
  220. Anyone ever use braided lines instead of hard lines on a Bigshot 5.0 plate kit?
  221. am i maxing my 19lbs out?? dry shot.
  222. Spark plug and timing for my set up
  223. Fuel upgrade question for NOS Dry kit
  224. Show me your Nitrous dyno charts.
  225. cheepo bottle heater.
  226. fule pump, take a look
  227. 200 shot
  228. First time to the track with the 150 shot
  229. window switch ?
  230. 24's or 30's?
  231. is it safe? what et?
  232. Zex Nitrous Management Unit Solenoids
  233. Purge Cloud Getting pissed
  234. need help with nitrous wiring
  235. Dry Nitrous A/F questions...
  236. Edelbrock Performer RPM Plate Jet Sizes???
  237. Carb Jetting Increase For Nitrous???
  238. Nitrous on a carbed 351W, what do i need to do?
  239. How big of a shot can you run through the stock schraeder valve?
  240. 100 shot ok for me?
  241. NOS Vs. ZEX!!!
  242. So when are we (4v) gonna get some type of plate or direct port system?
  243. Gauge mounting and bottle warmer questions
  244. Spark plugs for my combo?
  245. can I use these jets ??
  246. Spark plug question
  247. Timing issues for stock car on bottle
  248. Any pix of a Bigshot GT40/Cobra plate kit on a 94/95? All input wanted!!
  249. Safe to run the 200 shot?
  250. Pill size help
  251. Sprayed for the first time today
  252. HELP new 2 noz. reducing a shoot??
  253. "P" Head Nitrous Plug
  254. Feed line questions
  255. WTF??no spring in nitrous regulator!!
  256. Pressure Creep, Air Bleed. Let's discuss....
  257. Nitrous Pressure Gauge
  258. 125shot dry jetting!! wich is correct?
  259. 1011-1s and 1011-2s, What's the difference?
  260. 87 octane and Nitrous?
  261. Jetting help!?!?!?!?!?!
  262. Noszle Kit
  263. Gots me a real NAWS bottle heater...questions..
  264. Predictions on N2O setup
  265. Almost 10's
  266. set-up predictions
  267. car breaking up on nitrous.
  268. Intake elbow
  269. Distribution problems with NX Gemini Twin Stage Six and Super Victor?
  270. 1000 psi!
  271. 860 Performance Bottle Heater/Bracket Set-Up?
  272. 99+pics requested
  273. How Do I Test Nitrous Solenoids?
  274. WOT switch
  275. Bottle heater much could the ETs drop?
  276. NX...what should I do?
  277. NOS Bottle opener
  278. New to the nitrous!
  279. Timing with custom chips
  280. How much nitrous will the FRPP "production" short block take?
  281. my fule pressure ok?
  282. Wet Nitrous system users....major reduction in lean spike
  283. I need sound fx for nos
  284. Dry Nitrous/MAF
  285. Purge Solenoid Question?
  286. what plugs for 150 shot
  287. switches
  288. Jetting
  289. Running a little lean
  290. NOS spray bar for stock 5.0 upper intake?
  291. spark plug concerns
  292. switch hookup
  293. NX 50 shot to 100 gained nothing not even mph?????
  294. WOT switch with RPM window switch?
  295. Bracket for WOT Switch
  296. Track times...
  297. nitrous on EFI retrofit
  298. first time on 125 shot
  299. Some advice for upcoming faraday
  300. How much nitrous on a high compression motor?
  301. dual stage dry on 95 Gt?
  302. 13503 NOS Nozzle ok for 125 & 150 shot?
  304. nitrous guru help
  305. What jets for TNW plate?
  306. Dual stage NX plate questions
  307. can detonation chew up pistons???
  308. What does nitrous ruin in an engine?
  310. What's the best timing for my 02?
  311. Direct port debate
  313. so i ordered a compucar kit, have a few ?'s
  314. Couple Nitrous Questions...
  315. First Nitrous run
  316. High altitude NITROUS
  317. Ran the car with the nitrous got some Q's
  318. hp numbers on the venom nitrous
  319. is your car a turd with the timing retarded?
  320. NEW Nitrous Progressive.... MULTI-POINT RAMP
  321. 75 shot dry system jet sizes?
  322. plates and pressure???
  323. NOS 5115 kit
  324. Mounting the nozzle
  325. Wet kit pics?
  326. Help with NX install on 04GT
  327. 5.0 H/C/I good for 150+ shot?
  329. Safe??
  330. New TPS switch, The Trigger!
  331. 75 OR 100 SHOT?
  332. Nitrous Newb. fox questions
  333. How to trouble shoot NOS dry kit?
  334. what kind of times can i expect with my mod's ???
  335. What causes surging?
  337. ngk tr6 plugs
  338. A few nitrous questions
  339. New lower pricing on Wet Nitrous Kits!
  341. 351c +200shot+snow injection
  342. Nitrous newb with a couple of questions
  343. For those of you non-lounge readers: new track times
  344. Adding a bottle to this combo?y?n?
  345. New Plate Installed!
  346. The Mark! Digital nitrous bottle contents indicator!
  347. what is a 2-stage kit worth?
  348. Pay a pro or put it on myself?
  349. window switch wiring
  350. NOS Shot question
  351. TRAP GEAR????
  352. Some nitrous and N20 related questions
  353. Another New Product! The Angle!
  354. Will 200 shot be to much
  355. Jacobs Nitrous Mastermind or any reliable Nitrous Timeing Retard Systems???
  356. 99-04gt NITROUS SAFE OR NOT
  357. which wire on tps zex kit
  358. Wet Shot on 95GT
  359. Fuel and nitrous solenoid filters
  360. ZEX on 04 GT???
  361. Nitrous Dry Shot
  362. Why you should check you tank vent before running nitrous
  363. New Product!!! Progressive Nitrous Controller
  364. how big is too much?
  366. What controller
  367. bottle mount with cage
  368. Window switch Q.
  369. Where do I tap into the Fuel line?
  370. Bottle Pressure
  371. hit the track yesterday
  372. So... what happened here? Carbed plate guys, check this out
  373. How much HP to expect
  374. Anyone know where to buy nitrous wholesale?
  375. 150 shot with focus pump
  376. av gas & nitrous
  377. where to buy nos parts
  378. Should i be worried about axles?
  379. What jets will work with Compucar Plate?
  380. Spraying on a Centri?
  381. Sneaky pete for a 90 GT??
  382. purge lines
  383. Nozzle before or after TB?
  384. couple of ???S
  385. Anyone Running New Zex Carbed Kit
  386. My NEW nitrous system on a 98 GT w/ 01 DOHC
  387. How much timing are you running?
  388. Clash Race this weekend...
  389. Do you empty the air from your bottle?
  390. spdt switch....still need it
  391. wet kit sprayed dry??
  392. couple questions before I hit the track
  393. Can I spray a 75-100 shot with NO changes in tune?
  394. hows this sound?
  395. Question about nitrous pressure
  396. TNW Jet source? NOS works ok??
  397. who all is running dual stages on NX EFI plate.
  398. nx nitrous solenoid....f'd up
  399. Are 24lbs enough?
  400. trying to get better E.T.s on motor, need some ideas, new to Automatics
  401. Is jet calc accurate?
  402. separate fuel tank question
  403. Help! Thinkin about running nitrous.
  404. 5171 dry kit on fox
  405. Reccommend me a kit please
  406. I'm looking for a nitrous controller...
  407. Help! What kind of valve did I buy!?
  408. few questions
  409. need nos dry system help
  410. first track nite with spray
  411. Differenc between Dry and Wet
  412. Impressions on Dynotune LC1 Wideband
  413. Dry nitrous jets different with 24# injectors?
  414. Just installed a 6al, problem with window switch
  415. Progressive Nitrous Controller?
  416. some basic nitrous questions
  417. ZEX wet kit VS dry kit
  418. Do I need a blowdown tube?
  419. exploded intake on a 96 cobra
  420. gigg on an 01 gt
  421. NOS bottle heater w/ NX Kit
  422. nitrous system keeps blowing the fuse
  423. first nitrous pass tuesday
  424. post pics of ur carbd nitrous setups.
  425. my nitrous numbers
  426. nex universal nitrous kit Q's on 03 cobra
  427. Nitrous dry kit with 11:1?
  428. First Nitrous Run With Zex Kit. Issue with kit or driver? :)
  429. NX bottle Opener? ASAP
  430. where to get?
  431. Bottle Brackets
  432. What air/ fuel to try for?
  433. Which systems share jet #s and interchange?
  434. Tune questions
  435. Will this setup work?
  436. Anyone running two 10 pound bottles? Advantages?
  437. Trying to Make a Nitrous bottle opener.
  438. Will this work?
  439. New Best on the Plate
  440. Making a 5115 a wet kit
  441. tuning question
  442. NX Shark "Shower head" fogger questions/opinions,good,bad
  443. ZEX jet chart help...
  444. Questions for auto guys.
  445. NX Questions
  446. what do i need for a 100 shot?
  447. nitrous with supercharger? opinions
  448. The Power Source Rip-Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  449. Spark plugs with nitrous
  450. 200 Shot BLOWs Head "oops!"/Distorts Filter
  451. How much nitrous on this set-up and still be safe
  452. behind seat mounting
  453. Need NX jets #31 & #18!!!!
  454. Sprayed off the line tonight. Results inside
  455. Does anyone have a combo like mine thats good for nitrous????
  456. Launching on nitrous?
  457. Check out my spark plugs!!!
  458. nos
  459. ZEX on 98GT... took the fitting off FPR now what??? please help!
  460. nitrous questions
  461. Question for anyone running a Nitrous Express EFI kit
  462. bottle mounting locations?
  463. ZEX on a 98 gt
  464. speed density rev limiter for spray info
  465. This good nitrous tune?
  466. Need Heads/Cam help
  467. Help!! carb plate How many holes in bar
  468. i need a nitrous mastermind, mastermind,lol
  469. 5116 kit problems...
  470. bottle opener switch
  471. Difference in NX20923/20922?
  472. dry zex kit on a 99gt??
  474. Anyone blow a head gasket on a 100 shot?
  475. Ebay bottle buying
  476. High Idle after I spray
  477. 2 part question NX shark nozzle and efi hobbs switch.
  478. Question about ZEX Nitrous Kit!!!!!!
  479. What would be a good nitrous kit to run?
  480. nitrousworks or nitous express?
  481. NOS jetting
  482. 93 lx 5.0 nitrous
  483. ZEX dry kit on 5.0L/ ET reduction & MPH gains? Dyno #'s?
  484. Which companies jets are interchangable?
  485. How do you set fuel pressure with WOT, and window switch?
  486. NOS or CryO2
  487. Nitrous and Centrifs
  488. Is this a good deal?
  489. New best with NX
  490. Two Step Wiring
  491. Anyone running nos on 2.3?
  492. Guys with wet systems come in
  493. is this the fitting I need?
  494. Took the GT racing this weekend - 9 second street car!
  495. another NITROUS NEWB with questions
  496. Nitrous error or driver error???
  497. Dry plates
  498. NX Shark Nozzle Vs. NX 4.6L 2v Plate
  499. What # pills for a 100 shot
  500. Dyno numbers???